by Björn Gylling

Me, myself and OS X


I've been spending the last few days configuring and installing a bunch of stuff on it. I might do a more generic post on the things I've done later on. This post will only focus on the developer enviroment for Rails 3.

Sublime Text 2

First off, the text-editor I use is... read more

git commit -m "Awesome blog-post"

An introduction to blogging on Github Pages with Git and Jekyll. In this post I'm going to describe how Coding (this blog) is set up. Everything is hosted on Github Pages which is completely free of charge, the only thing I have to pay for with this setup is the domain-name. Alright, so let's get into how this... read more

Lorem ipsum dolor...

Welcome to Coding by .. well me! If all goes as planned (that is if I don't forget all about this) I'll be sharing my experiences with programming-related topics here. I'm a student at Linköpings University in Sweden where I study programming. In the free-time I also fumble my way through Ruby on Rails which I've grown very... read more